Millionaire's Club II

Software: CryptoLogic

Aladdin sure is lucky to have a magic lamp which contains a genie that is willing to grant some of his wishes. But Timmy Turner seems luckier for he has fairy godparents who he can ask anything he wants unlimitedly as long as the wands are there. If only we were like them, we can easily defy the impossible. We can turn back the time in a snap of a finger. We can undo our past mistakes in a single sway of a wand. We can even manipulate the forces of nature, which normally are stronger than us, to function as we want them to be.

If only given the opportunity of granting even just one of our wishes, we would certainly be more than happy. And if this happens, I bet most of us would wish this: loads and loads of cash. For in reality, we are born in a material world where the most needed thing to have is money. Money allows us to eat healthy foods, stay in a decent home, receive a good education, communicate with our loved ones, and many more. And aware of this situation, Cryptologic has decided to grant this one wish of ours through its newly released game called Millionaire’s Club II.

Millionaire’s Club is a 5-reel, 9-payline progressive jackpot video slot game. It is the second of the three Millionaire’s Club games. The maximum number of coins per line is one, which means the maximum number of coins per game is 9, with the coin value ranging from $0.10 and $20. Thus, the minimum amount one can bet per game is $0.10 and the maximum amount is $180. The graphics of the game all relate to the life of a millionaire – Diamond, Mansion, Wine, Necklace, Golf Bag, Sailboat, Watch, Ring, Cadillac, Platinum Card and the Millionaire’s Club symbol.

The wild symbol is the Platinum Card, which is able to replace any symbol except the scatter symbol. Getting 5 Platinum Cards on the reels awards a huge jackpot of 10,000 coins! The scatter symbol is the Millionaire’s Club logo. Getting three or more Millionaire’s Club logos triggers the Progressive Jackpot Bonus Round. Seen above the reels is a wheel bonus game that will allow the player to win the progressive jackpot. Getting the arrow lets the player move from one level to another. Hitting the spinner on a number or a coin gives a monetary value instead. Getting three arrows awards the progressive jackpot worth millions and millions of dollars! But hitting the Bust symbol lets the player lose all his accumulated bonus winnings, and then the game is over.

Millionaire’s Club II is like Millionaire’s Club I, but the top jackpot is much higher. So if you’re the type of person who loves taking risks and accumulating a hefty sum of money, then this game is the right one for you! The player can also opt to try Millionaire’s Club III, which offers a new different kind of fun from versions 1 and 2.

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