Miilionaire's Club

Software: CryptoLogic

Every good fortune in life seems to be a product of patience and hard work. In high school, you study hard to pass the entrance exams of prestigious schools. In college, you pass every subject to get the top high-paying jobs. In your workplace, you get the job well done to be promoted. And the stage of patience and hard work doesn’t end there; it continues in every area of our lives until we age and die. But as sad as it is, patience and hard work doesn’t necessarily translate to good fortune. Some of us, out of bad luck and bad timing perhaps, end up having an ill fortune.

But due to the birth of casinos and sweepstakes, we are now allowed to say that good fortune can still be achieved without patience and hard work. It can also be attained through some money and some risks, which obviously are a lot easier way. What’s more, these risks usually turn an ill fortune to a good fortune more than one has ever expected. And once again responding to its calling, Cryptologic released a new online casino game called Millionaire’s Club to prove that it only takes some money, time and courage to get what you have always wanted without breaking even a single sweat.

Millionaire’s Club is a 3-reel, 1-payline progressive jackpot video slot game with 8 winning combinations. It is the first of the three Millionaire’s Club games. If the player wishes to win a higher jackpot, the player can opt to play Millionaire’s Club II or Millionaire’s Club III. The maximum number of coins per line is one, which means the maximum number of coins per game is 3, with the fixed coin value of $1. Thus, the minimum amount one can bet per game is $1 and the maximum amount is $3. The graphics of the game all relate to the life of a millionaire – Diamond, Sailboat, Watch, Ring, Cadillac, Golden Horseshoe and the Millionaire’s Club symbol.

Getting three diamond symbols awards 1500 coins. This is the highest-paying symbol. The 8 winning combinations are 1 Diamond symbol, 3 Golden Horseshoe symbols, 3 Cadillac symbols, 2 Diamond symbols, 3 Gold Ring symbols, 3 Rolex Watch symbols, 3 Sailboat symbols and 3 Diamond symbols. The progressive jackpot in this game can be triggered by getting a Millionaire’s Club symbol in the center pay line. Seen above the reels is a wheel bonus game that will allow the player to win the progressive jackpot. Getting the arrow lets the player move from one level to another. Hitting the spinner on a number or a coin gives a monetary value instead. Getting three arrows awards the progressive jackpot of up to $10 million! No wonder why the game is called the Millionaire’s Club; for after playing the game and hitting the top progressive jackpot, you’ll surely be the newest member of the club!

So what are you waiting for? Never waste any time and be a part of the Millionaire’s Club today!

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