Thrill Seekers

Software: Playtech

Who does not enjoy visiting the theme parks and riding those stomach-hurling rides? We all do, right? But how would you react to a casino game with the amusement park as its main theme?

Thrill Seekers is a video slot game that has five reels and it is one of those that do not function without a connection to the Internet. This slot game had once been a popular topic for discussion among the slot game enthusiasts due to its abundant number of paylines. The status of the game may be attributed to its characteristics since records show that Thrill Seekers slot game is the first and only Internet-based video slot machine that contains as many as 50 paylines.

Playtech’s Thrill Seekers online slot machine is also considered to be as a highly controversial casino game due to its high-paying quality. One can conclude that Thrill Seeker slot machine is one of the most costly games on the web today, if one takes into account all the video slot games in the market.

As a matter of fact, those who have tried playing on this slot machine speak of one same comment about Thrill Seekers and this is all about its “expensiveness”. Based on how this game was primarily created, a player needs to spend and wager 5,000 US dollars for just one spinning.

Furthermore, one can say that this game is totally pricey even if he or she uses the minimum bet of 10 cents per line because its total cost for a spin would still cost about 50 US dollars. Regardless of this inconvenience, an individual can still benefit from this game since large bets would also result to massive prizes when winning combinations are obtained and bonus features are maximized.

The title of the slot game appears to be very catchy as it is enveloped with a very powerful atmosphere. Of course, the entire game is just as intense as the title itself and you’ll be able to prove the game’s worth once you start playing Thrill Seekers online slot machine. For instance, the opening animation is particularly appealing because it involves a roller coaster with jolly and youthful passengers riding it.

Without doubt, slot players will fall in love with this online slot game based on the special options that it can offer. One of which is the most common slot game feature and this is the appearance of a wild symbol. The wild symbol is represented by an image of a clown and it functions as a replacement for other icons for the purpose of completing a winning sequence.

The scatter option of the Thrill Seekers is driven by a picture of an “admission ticket”. In this feature, free spins may be earned and the prizes may be increased since it has a 2x multiplier.

Part of this option is the special scatter symbol, which is characterized by the Bonus Hammer scatter icon. This symbol functions in such a way that its appearance can activate a bonus game.

Thrill Seekers slot game is also one of those “Dollar Ball” in which a player can choose to place a side bet of 1 US dollar for ever spin. If this is chosen then activation of an additional progressive paytable is activated. Triggering this feature allows the special dollar ball icons to be placed on the reels in addition to the regular ones. The player will, then, obtain large amount of progressive jackpot if he or she obtains five dollar icons anywhere on the fifty paylines.

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