Tomb Raider

Software: Microgaming

Can’t get enough of the hot babe, Lara Croft? Then, why don’t you try playing the Tomb Raider slot game and enjoy Croft’s adventure while earning loads and loads of cash!

Tomb Raider is primarily known as a video game and it also have, not just one, but two box office movie adaptations of the same title. And, in response to this, a casino game developer decided to make use of this game and movie title as a theme for a video slot game. For this reason, the Tomb Raider video slot game became one of the biggest hits in the casino industry.

The Internet-connected video slot version of the Tomb Raider has five spinning reels and fifteen paylines where players can place their bets. Although it is considered to be a very unique slot game, this is still comparable with other machines since it holds options like the wild and the scatter.

This game is exciting not only because of its features but also due to the attractive theme itself. With the intention of setting a more Tomb Raider-like atmosphere, the creators of the game made use of images that the players can associate with the original video game and movie. Some of the symbols are the logo of Tomb Raider, a picture of Lara Croft, map of tombs, and gold idols. The other symbols used, however, are not related to the video game but are widely used in almost all slot machines: the ace, jack, queen, and the king of a deck of playing cards.

Microgaming’s Tomb Raider is known for its adrenaline-rising adventures and it is guaranteed that you can expect the same from its video slot game counterpart. You will have fun playing this slot game as it offers special features that increases the winnings that you can take home.

First is the wild feature and this functions with the logo of the Tomb Raider as its main element. The Tomb Raider icon can serve as an alternative for a symbol in order to complete the combination of like symbols.

Second is the scatter symbol, which is represented by the picture of the video game’s lead character, Lara Croft. This symbol has three important functions and these are: providing free spins, acting as a multiplier, and activating the bonus game.

The icon of Lara Croft can serve as a multiplier for this online video slot machine. Winnings may be multiplied depending on the number of scatters that will appear after spinning the reels.

The scatter symbol is also important in obtaining additional spins since getting at least two Lara Croft images will award a player with as much as ten more spins. Aside from an increased chance of forming winning combinations, the player’s prize will also be tripled during these free spins. However, these special symbols must not appear on the enabled payline as its function would be canceled.

Last but not the least, the scatter is also considered to be a vital component of this slot game because it allows the activation of the bonus round. For the purpose of starting the bonus round, the player must obtain three or more icons of Lara Croft on the reels.

Join Lara Croft in her escapade into those treasure-containing tombs and take home as much money as you can!

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