Track and Field Mouse

Software: Microgaming

Time to dash around the track and reach for the goal with one of the most up-to-date and cheesiest Internet-based video slot machine. For sure, you will love the cuteness and joviality of this highly-admired, three-reel slot game called the Track and Field Mouse.

If you are searching for a game that focuses on sports but with a hint of pretty little things then you might as well try playing the Track and Field Mouse video slot game. Can you imagine those scrawny, little mice running around the sports ground and fighting for the cheese as the jackpot prize? Amusing, isn’t it?

Track and Field Mouse is an athletic-themed, Internet-based video slot machine that has only three reels and just a single payline. This slot game functions effectively until this moment as it is powered by the computer program of Microgaming Software Systems Lt.d What is unique about this video slot game is that it has three different pay tables on the base of the three reels and these have the colors of Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

You already know that this Internet-linked slot machine is surrounded by an air of sports. And, for this reason, the creators of this game made the theme even more realistic by infusing a bit of the world’s largest sports competition, the Olympics. As for the game’s interface, Track and Field Mouse slot’s creators added a feel of the popular fruit machine in UK.

But Track and Field Mouse is a slot game, after all. And so, you can expect to see special features that can boost the amount of money that you can win when you form a winning combination. The bonus game options are designed in such a way that it can amplify the chance of a player to form a winning combination. Furthermore, when the slot gamer has been able to create a sequence of like symbols then he or she may win any of the following: a bronze medal, a silver medal, or a gold medal.

The Track and Field Mouse slot machine contains six reel symbols and these have equivalent quantity of victorious spins. Other features are the nudge, the nudge gamble, hold symbol, nudge bank hold, nudge repeat, and the shifta.

The nudge feature of this slot game may possibly be awarded up to four times after each spin. The nudge gamble, on the other hand, functions in such a way that it permits the players to place their bet on all four nudges.

Next is the nudge repeat, which is triggered once the player exhausts all the four nudges and this feature will, then, give another set of nudges that has the same number of nudges as the original. Then, the nudge bank hold is activated whenever the player spins the reels while leaving some of his or her nudges untouched. The remaining nudges will, then, be available for use on the following round.

Luck is not always on the player’s side and that there is a possibility of not forming a combination after a spin. If the player loses a spin then the player would have the chance to make use of the hold feature.

Last but not least, a player will not go home without anything on hand if ever he or she loses a spin. This feature randomly selects a symbol on one of the three reels and this is held frozen. And then, the other reels will start to spin until like symbols appear on the remaining two reels. Through this feature, a winning sequence will be formed and the player will receive the appropriate amount of prize money.

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