Triple 7s Blackjack

Software: Microgaming

There are so many kinds of casino games that we could not help but fall in love with. And, because of this, video game developers decided to turn these traditional casino games into a more advanced form. Hence, casino games became more accessible through the use of technological machines that work efficiently with the use of Internet connection.

One of the gambling games that are very much enjoyed by casino goers is the conventional card game called the blackjack. And, for this reason, experts used the said card game as a foundation for establishing a more innovative way of enjoying blackjack. Thus, they created the extremely entertaining video blackjack game called the “Triple 7s Blackjack”.

Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is not known only for making computer programs for video slot games. As a matter of fact, other online games that are supported by their game software also flourished in the casino industry for so many years until the present times. One of which is “Triple 7s Blackjack” and this obviously works effectively and the card gamers who have tried playing this has not a single complaint as they were able to play it without any difficulty. “Triple 7s Blackjack” is definitely a player-friendly game for both the beginners and experts in Internet-based video blackjack machine.

Triple 7s Blackjack is also similar to the other blackjack video games as it makes use of five ordinary decks that consists of fifty-two cards. In this game, the blackjack wins against any hand with cards, which has the value of 21.

The techniques that are commonly used on five decks of cards may also be used on this blackjack video game as it is also powered by the Microgaming software. Another good thing is that a player has an option to utilize the game’s Expert Mode. The Expert Mode is infused with an auto play feature and this allows a player to employ any kind of blackjack strategy.

We should also discuss about how players can win and earn money from this online blackjack video game. First off is its progressive bet feature in which one credit is always automatically put on bet in every start of the game. And, if the player obtains 7’s in a row then he or she acquires a bonus. Most importantly, getting three seven’s of diamond will instantly earn a player the progressive jackpot reward.

Triple 7s Blackjack also have three different game rules that can be applied when playing a game and these are the splitting rules, double down rules, and the insurance rules. First is the splitting rule and this does not permit players to re-split their cards during the game and they cannot also re-split the aces on hand. However, if the blackjack gamer decides to split his pair of aces then he or she may carry on with drawing another card.

Double down rules may be permitted when the two primary cards on hand have the total value of nine, ten, or eleven. The bet, as stated on this rule, will be equivalent to the amount of the original bet. Furthermore, a player is permitted to “double down” after splitting the cards.

Last but not the least is the insurance rules and these rules are not valid for use on the hands that are produced after making use of the splitting or the double down. In addition to this, the amount of money that has been wagered for insurance would be lost when the dealer does not get hold of a blackjack.

Blackjack has never been this exciting, right? Don’t waste time and make lots of money from this unique video blackjack game.

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