Triple Action Bonus Hold ‘em Poker

Software: Microgaming

On the 2nd of March in the year 2010, a new video poker game was released in the casino market as a gift for the avid fans of this specific type game and this is no other than the “Triple Action Hold ‘em Bonus Poker”. If you have the guts to face an exciting dare then play this Microgaming-powered online table game and you will surely have lots of fun.

“Triple Action Bonus Hold ‘em Poker” is one of the most innovative table games that has been distributed in the market. Also, this game has shown great potentials due to its four best qualities: user-friendly interface, high-def graphics, top-rate sound effects, and its indomitable realistic feature. You may find the Triple Action Hold ‘em Bonus Poker a bit complicated but, in reality, it is a kind of Internet-based table game that can be perfected without difficulty.

This particular casino game is played in opposition to a deck that is composed of only 28 cards. It is a special deck that consists of only the cards eight, nine, and ten. In addition to these are the so-called face cards, which are known as the jack, the queen, and the king. Lastly, this 28-decked playing card also consists of all the four aces of a standard deck.

Although the Triple Action Bonus Hold ‘em Poker appears to be very much innovative, it still carries the characteristics of a standard poker game. In point of fact, this video table game appears to be quite similar to the conventional poker game since the players are expected to wager in a proposal with the purpose of surpassing the dealer of the game.

Playing this exact game, however, is more advantageous on the part of the players when compared to playing an actual poker game in a casino. It is because of the Extra Ante Reward, which is an extra ante bonus for the players of this online table game. This feature works in such a way that it can offer additional prize money when the player obtains a full house or a set that is more superior to the full house. Moreover, the bet may be received regardless of the kind of cards that the dealer holds.

Aside from the special feature mentioned above, this online gambling game also holds two side bets. The two side bets are known to be as the: optional flop bet and the optional bonus bet.

The prizes that may be acquired from the Triple Action Hold ‘em Poker is extremely promising since it can accept three different bets. As for the main bet, the player can receive as much as 5,200 US dollars after winning a game. On the other hand, the Optional Flop Bet and the Optional Bonus Bet can award a player up to 500 US dollars and 5,000 US dollars, respectively.

Internet gambling has never been this thrilling, don’t you think? Take your seat on the virtual table, use all your natural betting skills, gather up your luck, and win a game in this stylish table game!

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