Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

Software: Microgaming

One of the most user-friendly online poker games is now in town! No need to worry if you are a new player or still getting the hang of playing poker, this game will definitely accompany you through it all. And not just that, it offers an irresistible bonus feature. I am talking about the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is another awesome creation of Microgaming Software Systems. The company has again surpassed its greatness with the release of this poker game. According to some players, this is definitely Microgaming’s best online poker game to date. Why you may ask? It is definitely because of the outstanding graphics of this game. The way cards slide and decked are almost near to the real thing. The voice of the dealer is also like the real thing. This is definitely like playing real poker (only you do not have to go to any actual casinos). The interface of this great game is also very user-friendly. You will always here the voice-over of the game telling you your cards and the current river. The buttons are also very easy to understand. This game tries to make it as simple as possible without compromising the breath-taking graphics.

This poker game is just like the normal Texas Hold’em Poker. This means that it is just you and the dealer playing. The dealer will always bet as long as you are playing. Prior to the flop, the betting already starts (just like normal poker). And just like the normal Texas Hold’em Poker, you can choose to fold, bet, call or check every time a card is added to the river. The only thing different in this game is that there is no more betting after the river has been revealed.

To replace the betting after revealing the whole river, you can bet in a separate bonus pot in a separate table. This bonus pot enables you to win extras for your pocket cards. There are certain payouts for different combinations for your pocket cards. There is usually a 3:1 payout for pocket pairs (pairs from two to 10). If your pocket cards are a pair of aces, you can get up to a 1000:1 payout. This is definitely an advantage for the player because you wouldn’t bet big if you know your pocket cards are not that good.

A lot of players actually like this game because you win in two ways. If you have good pocket cards, it means that you have a high chance of winning from your bonus bets. But we should not miss the fact that good pocket cards actually help you win the main game.

The chip stack for this poker game ranges from 1 to 200. You can opt to mix and match your poker chips depending on how much you would like to bet.

This is another awesome offering from the great Microgaming. Poker fanatics should not miss this! Do not forget to play it in your favourite online casino!

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