Over Poker

Software: CryptoLogic

Poker lovers out there would surely love this another innovative poker game from Cyptolgic software. It is called the Over Poker. It is quiet different from the usual video poker games when it comes to format and some payouts, but surely this is another unique game like no other.

In Over Poker, a new feature was introduced to create a different poker experience. The new feature is called Move Up. It is giving the player a third option of shifting a card to a higher level aside from the usual options of discarding the card or holding it.

The game starts with two faced up cards that need to be dealt with. In every card, the player can choose from his three options whether to discard his card, Hold it, or shift it to a higher card. If he chooses to discard, then his card will automatically be replaced. However, if he chooses to hold it or keep it, then cards remain as is without any action taken. But if he choose to shift to a higher level, he needs to put in another wager because that new level now becomes a different independent hand. Also, a replacement card should be dealt with when the card is moved up. After the player finishes his moves for the first two cards, the succeeding three cards will be dealt with having the same three options available for the player.

In this game, payouts will be given after the player deals with the 5 cards in the lower level. Then after that, he should deal with the cards in the higher level if it has already been started because if not, the game will be over.

The payouts are almost the same with that of Jacks or Better. However, since the player was granted the Move Up option, some payouts are slightly lower than Jack or Better. A pay out of 2 to 1 is paid for three-of-a-kind, 5 to 1 for flush and full house, and 20 to 1 for four-of-a-kind.

The game is truly mind stimulating unlike any other game. You have higher chances of winning only if you make use of the best strategy in dealing with the cards. You should know when is the right time to discard, Move Up, or Hold your card. Otherwise, you will have a poor game.

Remember also that you should only opt to move up your card only if you have a high value card on hand such as Ace, King, Queen, or Jack because pay out starts at Jacks or Better. Avoid shifting your cards upwards too if you already have a winning combination in the lower level. It is better to use this third option of Move Up only if you are still going after a winning combination that was not formed on the lower level.

In this game, the most that you can wager is a maximum of 1 coin per game with a coin denomination ranging from 25 cents to as much as $100. Another great feature of Over Poker is that you can change the skins of the game screen. You can opt for the military camouflage uniform design, the metallic skin for a more modern and professional feel, or the wooden skin for a much earthly and calming setting. In addition, ranking names to the cards are also provided for a much easier understanding especially for those who are new in video poker.

In general, this new format is great giving more advantage for video poker players. You should try this engaging game yourself and experience how Over Poker can just be so exciting!

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