Striker Fortune

Software: CryptoLogic

America, due to its long and lively history, is so famous for almost everything. Just take for example burger and fries, or hotdogs, sodas and chocolates perhaps. But the name of America lives not only on food, of course. We also know them as supporters of democracy, liberty and equality. They once expand their territory to make way for the birth of a new society, where oppression and marginalization don’t exist. For teenagers, maybe they will recognize America on its renowned television shows, actors, actresses and singers. Just take for example Miley Cyrus and of course her song entitled “Party in the USA”.

Aside from what was mentioned above, America is also noted for its football. For those who are not familiar with that game, it is played by two teams with 11 players each on a wide rectangular field. The team gets the ball from the rival team and advances it across the opponent’s goal line. The one with the higher score wins. Football gained so many fans out there that people prefer to stay at home watching the said game on television than strolling around the mall or studying for their upcoming exams. And adding to the football addiction is the newly released game by Cryptologic called Striker Fortune.

Striker Fortune is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot game with 9 winning combinations. The maximum number of coins per pay line is 1, which means the maximum number of coins per game is 50, with coin values ranging from $0.25 to $100. Thus, the minimum amount the player can bet per spin is $0.25 and the maximum amount is $5,000, depending on the number of pay lines the player wishes to activate.

The said video slot game is very creative and non-traditional for it deviates from the classical Cryptologic slots games which are just composed of simple graphics, animations and reels. The background is a soccer stadium filled with cheering football fans on the bleachers. The player gets to choose his or her home team by clicking the flag. The center of the field is composed of the players, wearing uniforms of two different colors, and a gold FIFA trophy. The special symbol is the gold FIFA trophy but unlike the wild symbols, it is unable to replace any symbol. Getting three or more gold FIFA trophies trigger the Training Grounds Bonus Feature. In this game, the player should strike the ball across the opponent’s goal line to score. Every score is worth coin prizes. The higher the number of goals, the higher is the score, and the higher is the bonus prize. And the higher the bonus prize, the higher the total winnings! If the home team manages to win by the highest possible score, which is 8, the player is awarded with the top jackpot of $50,000!

Get more addicted with football, not just by watching every game on television but also by playing Striker Fortune. Not only that you get to watch your favorite team win the game but also you get to own loads and loads of cash.

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