Vegas Craps

Software: Microgaming

Vegas Craps is an online game powered by the prestigious gaming software, Microgaming. As expected from this elite software, the game boasts of magnificent graphics and excellent sound effects that make your crap game realistic just like playing in Las Vegas casinos.

Craps is a little bit more complicated compared to other online games. However, once you get familiarized with the game, it becomes easy and very much fun and exciting.

The game involves a layout where you can place your bets. The layout is quite big but one side is just identical with the other side. It is only created that way in order to accommodate more players on the table. Here, your win will be determined by the rolling of the dice. If you place your bet correctly, then you will win substantial prizes. The person rolling the dice is called the shooter. If he does well in rolling the dice, all the players will reap the benefits. Therefore, you better wish him well.

There are several types of bet available which you can see on the layout table. There are Straight bets wherein you have to bet on the number representing a numerical value of a dice combination. Another type is the Field bets.

There is also the Pass Line bet which is the most basic bet in the craps game. Here, the first thing that you should do is to place your bet on the layout that indicated “Pass Line”. After placing your bet, the shooter will roll the dice. Pass Line is a series of bets which mean that the shooter will have to roll the dice numerous times before you will know the result of the game whether you win or lose. When the dice has been rolled and the result is 7 or 11, and you placed your bet on that, then you win and the series ends. If the result is either 2, 3, or 12 which is the craps, it means you lose and the series ends. However, if the result is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, it is called the shooters point which means no one wins or lose, and the series then continues.

Other bet options include the “Don’t Pass” bet, “Come” bet, “Any Craps” bet, and “Hardway” bet. You can actually place a wager on anything that is available on the layout which includes side bets as well. In this online craps game, you can see the bet controls at the game option since it is not like in live casinos where you can place your bet directly on the layout. You can also clear your bet and change it until you fix your mind.

Anyhow, there is always the “Help” option available for those who are still quite confused and want to understand the game better. What is good in this game is that the bets are well facilitated which prevents confusion among online players. The game also has medium speed which helps players follow through the game on an average pace. The sound can also be adjusted well to avoid distractions and maintain focus on the game.

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