3D Roulette of Playtech

Software: Playtech

Every casino fanatic would definitely like the newest game created by Playtech: 3D Roulette. This online casino game has been hitting the market by storm, making it one of the most popular roulette games online today. If you like online casino games, then you should definitely try this one. You will find this game at different Playtech online casinos, such as Omni Casino, Casino Tropez, and Casino Del Rio.

For years, Playtech has been developing innovative games for the online gambling industry. This includes casino games, fixed-odd games and poker. During October 2009, Playtech released its newest online casino game – the 3D Roulette game. Unlike typical online roulette, the 3D Roulette introduced by Playtech provides its players advanced gaming experience. With its highly innovative and superior graphic design, settings and sound, the 3D Roulette of Playtech gives you a real life casino experience.

In terms of visual experience, the 3D Roulette of Playtech provides you with a three-dimensional visual experience. As you may already know, in typical online roulette, you will find the betting layout extend across the screen while the wheel is at the other end. In 3D Roulette of Playtech, you get to have a 3D view of the roulette wheel at the core of the screen. The betting layout is at the top of the wheel in flat view. This way, you get to experience a real life casino experience while playing online, especially if you use the full screen view. Aside from having a front line view of the game, you also get to hear a professional dealer that calls out bets. You also get to customize how you want to view the screen. The visual function of the 3D Roulette of Playtech lets you configure the visual feature of the screen. This function provides options for removing centerlines, color shading and the turret arms. This makes your online gaming experience more realistic and exciting.

The 3D Roulette of Playtech follows the same rules as with the European roulette game. In this online casino game, you have three ways to place bets. These are the outside bets, inside bets and the racetrack bets. Obviously, the inside bets are bets that are waged at the inner of the roulette board. This bet also allows you to have multiple betting choices. You can bet split bet, straight bet, street bet, trio bet, line bet, corner bet and four bet. The outside bet feature of the 3D Roulette lets you place bets at the exterior of the number grid. On the other hand, the racetrack betting consists of a racetrack, wherein the roulette wheel is duplicated. This is then set aside for special bets. What sets 3D Roulette of Playtech apart from typical roulette online game is that it has a “pay table” option. This feature provides you with a pay table that lets you manage the betting options without the hassle. You can even let this option be displayed all throughout the game.

The 3D Roulette of Playtech also provides you with a “breakdown” feature. This feature provides you with the proper breakdown of the amount you won if you placed multiple bets. 3D Roulette of Playtech provides also other features that you can see in most online roulette games present today. Aside from displaying the amount bet and won, you will also find a “repeat” button. This allows you to place the same wager. You will also find detailed information about the game history.

Certainly, with these unique features, there is no doubt that the 3D Roulette of Playtech will get more and more popular in the coming days. Aside from providing advanced gaming experience, the layout is also easy to understand. If you want to try a real life online roulette experience, you can definitely rely on 3D Roulette of Playtech to provide you with this.

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