World Champions 2010

Software: Random Logic

If you are a soccer player or simply a soccer fanatic, then this game is for you. Also, if you love to bet and see if your intuition is right, then again this game is for you!

888 Random Logic software, one of the reputable gaming software in the world of online casinos has again released another new game that soccer game lovers would surely get excited about. It is the World Champions 2010!

Perhaps you may not be able to watch any of the soccer championship games or it has always been your dream to play on those soccer fields one of these days. But hey, there are also other great ways! We bring to you this fun online game for you to enjoy. Get to see a soccer game and bet on your favorite teams. So here it goes.

The First Round has 8 challenging matches. You have to observe which ones are good and are more competent. With many soccer teams competing, pick one that you think will make it to the championship or final round. Use your instincts and feel which you think will going to win. Be a keen observer as well. Notice their moves and their strengths as well as their strategies. Observe the flow of the game. Who has the better edge?

One team represents each country. You have to select which country has a team who plays the game excellently. After you have selected, you place your bets and the next round will start.

Move on to the Quarter Finals. On this round, there will be 4 best teams remaining to compete. Again, if your selected team does well and make it, you will move on to the next round – the Semi Finals!

The Semi Finals Round will only have 2 matches so this round will be a little bit shorter compared to the previous round. There will only be two soccer teams to compete. They are the 2 best teams left so the game is getting definitely more and more exciting and challenging as well!

Finally, the Finals is the last stage of the game. The team who wins this round will win the Gold Cup. This is the ultimate prize for all the hard work of the players while you win substantial cash prizes!

The mechanics of the game is no different from other live games where you will watch a competition and place your bets. The only difference is that you are viewing the game online and placing your bets online at the comforts of your home. In addition to that, you can also pause the game and just get back to it after taking a break by pressing the “resume” button. Isn’t that great? Unlike in live games where you cannot stop and pause the game just because you need a snack break!

So sit back and relax at the comforts of your home. Play this awesome game. Bet for your favorite soccer teams. Experience this fun and exciting game and win significant amount of prizes!

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