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True, there are numerous kinds of online video slot machine in the casino industry but one of these is extremely different from all the others. Who would have thought that a 100-payline slot machine can actually exist in the market? People may find it difficult to believe this but there really is a video slot game that contains large quantity of paylines.

No doubt the largest slot

A brand new online video slot game was introduced by the leading software company Microgaming Systems Software Ltd. to the casino players and it has been given the name of “Cashapillar”. This slot machine became quite popular from when it was first established on May 6, 2008 since it uniquely has 100 paylines, five-by-five reel design, plus it can accept a bet of 10 coins per line. As of the present, this is the video slot game that has been recorded to have the greatest number of paylines.

Rareness is an asset

Players find Cashapillar to be an exceedingly fascinating type of online slots machine. Aside from its large payline quantity, it also has quite a lot of features that add an appealing twist to the slot game.

One of the advanced features seen on this machine is the piled up wild symbols. In addition, these symbols are enveloped with a cartoon theme that will remind a person of the popular animated film of Alice in Wonderland. Hence, we can say that Cashapillar has a big difference when compared to the other existing online video slot games in the casino business.

Best prizes ever

Those who choose to play this slot machine will not be disappointed due to the high prizes that it can offer. Yes, a person can win as much as six million coins while playing the free spin modes. If a person chooses to use the coin size of 0.02 US dollars then the amount of money that can be won is about 120,000 US dollars or so. On the other hand, a person can still win about two million coins or 40,000 US dollars when he or she is already off the free spins round.

Making things more interesting

Cashapillar has been made more exciting by adding other features that can help players win more than they anticipate. First of all, makers of this slot machine added an element in which the logo of the Cashapillar slot game is piled up on each of the reel.

In addition, the wild symbols of the Cashapillar machine are also massed up together so that creating a winning combination will not be as difficult as with the other slot machines. As a matter of fact, when a person successfully obtains a winning combination, the prize that he or she will receive is two times bigger than the original.

Top-quality overall appearance

Apart from the wonderful offers coming from this slot machine, people also praise Cashapillar for to its magnificent graphics. Players described it as neither deficient nor in excess of creativity and that the appearance of the video is easy to look at. However, you may find the introductory clip as something silly but it would be better if you would at least try and watch it since there is nothing you would actually lose from doing it.

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