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Perhaps one’s childhood wouldn’t be as happy and complete without one of these – toy figures, comics, cartoons, superhero costumes and coloring books. For these define how colorful and wonderful a child’s world is, how imaginative and creative. And I’m pretty sure that childhood is one of those moments people can’t help but miss; back then when what all you care about are toys and crayons. For when you got to spend some time in this world, what you will think about sooner or later is either too much work or too much school load. Too much deviation for too little time, isn’t it?

When it comes to superhero, I’m very certain that everyone is familiar with Batman. I mean, who wouldn’t know him? Comics, cartoons, movies, costumes, shirts, notebooks, and almost every good in the market – he once dominated them all (and actually, still continues to dominate them all). Sometimes known as “The Dark Knight”, “The World’s Greatest Detective” or “The Caped Crusader”, Batman captured the attention of the industry since 1939. If you dare to calculate it, you would truly be amazed how many decades and generations had been since this superhero prevailed all around the world. From comics to a variety of media (radio, television, cinema), Batman continues to adapt to the ever-changing world by evolving into a video game.

And who helped this evolution happen? It’s none other than Cryptologic, a true leader in online casino games. Released in 2009, the game continues to be one of the most popular creations of Cryptologic up to now.

Batman is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slots game; a huge game for a famed icon. Every graphic, of course, is expected to be related to the said superhero - Batman, The Joker, Bats, Card Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Bat Signal, Bat Mobile, and Batman Logo. The coin size ranges from $0.01 to $20, a range wide enough to let you pick your choice. The maximum amount of coins is 60, and thus, you can bet a maximum amount of $1200 and a minimum amount of $0.60. It is a really affordable bet for a too large jackpot of 2000 coins, which can be acquired with 33 winning combinations.
The wild and scatter symbols cannot cease to exist in any slot game. The wild symbol is Batman. It is able to substitute any symbol other than the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Bat. Getting three or more bat figures activates the Bonus Round called Descent into Madness. The goal is to catch The Joker and to defeat the criminals of Arkham Asylum, and you can win as much as 100 times your bet! The Free Spins Feature will be triggered if your luck let you get Commissioner Gordon on Reel 1 and the Bat Signal on Reel 5.

Helping fight crime while gaining significant amount of money – nothing could be any cooler than this. Who could have thought that being Bruce Wayne (Batman’s secret identity, an American millionaire/billionaire) is this easy? Cryptologic sure did.

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