50 line Joker Poker

Software: Playtech

Online video poker games are a great way to keep your stress away. It is fun, entertaining, and most importantly easy to win. One of these exciting games is the 50 line Joker Poker game. The mechanics of the game is very easy to understand even if you are not really a pro in playing poker.

With Playtech as the software used, the game is easy to navigate and very user-friendly for our online poker players. It is not a progressive game. The coin values ranges from 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and 50¢.There are 54 cards in deck and 50 hands. You can also have a free practice if you want.

The jackpot price reaches up to 5000 coins. The maximum coin bet per hand is 5 coins. The wild card is the Joker as the game name implies. The Joker therefore can assume any other symbol to complete a winning combination. The speed is adjustable as well so you can speed up the game or not.

At the start of this online poker game, you will be given 5 cards to hold. These cards can be used for the 50 lines. Others that you did not choose can be replaced with different cards. You now have to decide on how many coins to bet per hand. Remember that the coins you bet is per line therefore it will still be multiplied up to 50 lines. If you bet 2 coins per hand times 50 then 100 credits will therefore be deducted from your balance. Push the Deal button when you are ready to play with your chosen cards.

You can see your total winnings per line on the screen and you have the option to collect your total winnings and end the game or proceed to the gambling game. The gambling game gives you another option. You can either bet half of your total winnings or bet all of it and have the chance to double it if you win. However, if you do not win, you will lose either half or all of your winnings depending on your bet.

In the gambling game, 5 cards will be provided. 4 of it will be faced down and only the dealer’s card will face up. You choose any of the 4 face down cards. If you have chosen a card that is higher than the dealer’s card, then you win! You can double your bet this time and will be asked if you will have another gambling game or not.

But If your chosen card is lower than the dealer’s card, then you lose your winnings. However, if it is equal, then you will be given a choice to either just collect your total winnings or have another gambling game. The choice is yours.

This is indeed a very interesting and easy version of poker. Even if you are new to poker, you will surely love this game. It is mind stimulating that will surely keep you awake thinking of the best strategy and making the right choices to win this game. There are 50 chances to win therefore it is not hard to get a real good deal of money not to mention the fun and excitement it brings.

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