Bearly Fishing

Software: Microgaming

Fishing is considered to be one of the most common outdoor activities that are actually enjoyed by many nature-loving individuals. It is not a common knowledge to us, however, that there is a certain creature that enjoys this human pastime more than we actually do. Moreover, this type of animal is better at this endeavor than the human beings and their entire species are capable of catching a fish using bare hands. In order to have a better understanding, a popular software company merged both the scientific idea and the gameplay itself into one amusing game.

Bears are considered to be the “masters” in the art of fishing that is why they were used as the leading character of the online video slot machine called “Bearly Fishing”. Microgaming Software Systems Ltd invites all the casino players to play using this fun-filled, fishing-themed video slot game that has five reels, a total of twenty-five paylines, and a betting range from 0.01 to 50.00 US dollars. The producers ensure that the slot game enthusiasts will take similar pleasure in “Bearly Fishing” as with the realistic fishing in the bodies of water.

People will surely have fun when playing this online slot game primarily due to its very simple graphics. Those who had firsthand experience on the “Bearly Fishing” video slot commended the makers of the game due to its light-colored yet effervescent appearance. The forest backdrop of the game emerged as something that is particularly attractive as it possessed brilliant blending colors. Moreover, the realistic environment became greatly possible based on how the body of freshwater and the vivid-colored wooded area were artistically created.

The players also admired the attention-grabbing sound effects that are produced whenever a winning combination is spotted or while in the process of this game’s bonus round. Examples of the sound effects used in this video slot game are the strong trudging sound made by a bear and the snicker produced by this large animal. Beyond doubt, well-suited background music provides a totally electrifying fishing environment.

Creators of the “Bearly Fishing” slot game made use of certain figures on the reels, which are closely related to the main theme of the machine. The makers did it that way in order to generate a beautiful image out of this video slot machine. The icons that are utilized in this video slot machine include the following: sheltered forest, stream with fast-moving water, and an animated bear that is in search for a food to eat.

“Bearly Fishing” is akin to other popular video slot machine as this also holds similar kinds of surprises. This nature-themed slot game contains various bonuses such as the wild (big bear) and scatter symbol (fishing basket), multiplier, and the free spin.

The maximum number of coins that a player can wager per spin is about 500 coins. And, the jackpot prize that a slot aficionado can win in this exciting video slot game turned out to be as high as 12,000 US dollars. Moreover, if a person were to play the free spins round then he or she could possibly take home a larger sum of money which can be as big as 72,000 US dollars. In addition, a lot of payouts are possible to emerge in the middle of each round.

It is guaranteed that you will get pleasure from the “Bearly Fishing” online video slot game even if you are with or without a talent for fishing. Go to the nearest Microgaming slot machine provider and see for yourself how much you can win from playing on this extremely thrilling slot game.

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