Beat the Bank

Software: WagerWorks

Play like a jewel thief while wearing your most unnoticeable clothing then try cracking the tight security structure of a large money-loaded bank in the most discreet manner ever possible. Sounds tough, right? It will not be this challenging because you will easily achieve it through the newest online video slot machine powered by one of the leading casino software providers in the market, WagerWorks.

Beat the Bank dares the players to do their best in stealing the jackpot prize of the slot machine which is about 5,000 coins. This video slot machine is a twenty-five-payline, five-reel bonus slot machine that is created in such a way that it revolves around the bank theme.

As previously stated, “Beat the Bank” is a bank-centered game and this is the main reason why its graphics are all related to the banking system. Apart from the slot machine’s appearance, the game has been found to provide high levels of enjoyment since it is easier to play compared to the other video slot games in the casino industry.

Of course, the amount money that you can earn will be based on the number of coins you have wagered before the reels actually spin. According to the creators of the “Beat the Bank”, the largest sum of money a player can bet on for every spin is about 250 US dollars. This is the explanation as to why this game is considered to be the perfect slot machine for high bidders.

But then, those who are stricter when it comes to putting on a bet can establish the amount of money that they will wager based on the range of coin denomination set by the makers of the “Beat the Bank”. According to the machine’s default set up, the coin denomination for this specific slot game is 0.01 US dollar as the lowest and 10 US dollars as the highest value. Based on this fact, we can conclude that even those who wager at a low price can still take pleasure in the game and they can still do an attempt when it comes to robbing the bank with money and jewels.

“Beat the Bank” offers a greater chance of successfully robbing the bank because there are about twenty-four different winning combinations, which can lead a player to a triumphant game result. In addition, there are about twenty-five paylines a person can bet on that is why there is a greater possibility for a player to win a bigger sum of money.

A good strategy the player can use when playing on this video slot machine involves putting a certain amount of money on each paylines. This technique will then increase the probability for an individual to acquire the jackpot prize. However, you must always remember that you should never bet larger amount of money if you are not really ready to lose that much.

“Beat the Bank” has its own set of tricks and this involves the possession of certain symbols (scatter and wild), free spins, and a bonus round. The scatter symbol is represented with a figure of a safe and a person can win a prize if this symbol appears in various areas of the five reels.

On the other hand, the thief is the icon that is used to correspond to a wild symbol. It serves as a substitute for the other symbols except the scatter symbol. As a substitute, it can fill in as a replacement for another type of symbol and this helps in winning a considerable amount of money.

Set out on an exhilarating journey and attempt to rob the bank with your own strategies and luck!

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