Software: CryptoLogic

Can’t get enough of Bejeweled on your personal computer? Why not try it out as an online video slot machine? Aside from the reviving the enthusiasm of playing this traditional PC game, you will also get a chance to win a certain amount of money by playing the Bejeweled-based slot game. Better try it now and you will not be disappointed!

Bejeweled online video slot machine is driven by Cryptologic’s software and it is based on the trendy PC game that has been popular among many video game enthusiasts all around the world. This is a type of slot machine that possesses five spinning reels and ten paylines. The jewels of this PC game-based slot machine are all lined up in a 5 by 5 grid.

The creators of this online video slot machine did not produce this game only with an appearance that is similar to the “Bejeweled” computer game. They also made sure that the interface is also closely related to the said PC game. Contrary to the popular belief, however, the gameplay of the “Bejeweled” slot machine is not as simple as the PC-form of the game.

If you are going to try playing on this slot machine, you will notice that Bejeweled is quite different from other known slot machines. Instead of the usual spin, the reels collapse in order to gather identical symbols.

So as to win a prize, you must gather together greater than or equal to three identical jewels either in a horizontal or a vertical position. Just like in the Bejeweled PC game, the matching jewels disappear from the specific line while more jewels fall down for the purpose of replacing the recently emptied positions.

It is hard to believe that such kind of slot game can be strongly compared to the PC game to which it was patterned from. Just like in the original game, the jewels that are distributed among the empty spaces may also be used in order to generate new winning lines. Hence, a person will have a greater chance of winning bigger prizes if more lines of matching figures were to be dissolved. The game continues without time limit and it will end only when a person will no longer form a winning combination out of the remaining figures of jewels.

It has been found out that a player can have greater chance of winning through the appearance of the wild symbol. The wild symbol is represented by a “Bejeweled” text enclosed in a colorful circle. This symbol is valuable as a substitute to other jewels in order to complete a set of jewels and this will allow a player to gain a winning combination.

Bejeweled is also a pleasing slot machine even if it does not contain similar features as with the other slot machines. To be exact, this video slot game does not have the scatter symbol, bonus rounds, and the multipliers. But still, you can earn as much as when you play on other video slot machines that hold the previously-stated elements. As a matter-of-fact, you can earn a jackpot prize that is 20,000 more than your actual bet. It is worth a try, isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? This is an opportunity for you to play your favorite game and earn large sum of money all at the same time! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this very attractive game!
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