Software: WagerWorks

Vampire-themed movies, books, and games continue to flourish in our society today. How will you react if we find our favorite fictional figure in an online video slot game? Astonishing!

Once again, WagerWorks produced the software that is specifically designed to give life to the newest video slot machine called the “Bitten”. If you cannot get enough of the sharp fangs then this game is definitely for you.

Bitten is a five-reel and twenty-payline slot machine, which has been intended to hold a spooky theme that involves vampires. The slot game’s five reels are the designated areas to which the winning combinations may be formed. The number of coins a player can bet on each payline ranges from one to five coins.

Bitten is highly celebrated by many experts and regular players due to the attractive vampire-related graphics incorporated in this game. Furthermore, the creepy environment is also intensified with the game’s eerie sound effects and vampire-associated video clips.

You will definitely be entertained by this brand new slot game not only through its critically planned theme but also with the prizes that can be won if the player forms the winning combinations.

You should also know the symbols used by the creators of this game in order to make the slot machine more interesting. The figures included in this video slot machine are the four ranks of playing cards (10, J, Q, K, and the A), goblets filled with blood, and candelabras. And, just like the other slot machines, Bitten also has its own representation of a wild, scatter and bonus symbol.

Moreover, the game does not end with the correct grouping of symbols since “Bitten” also features a bonus round called the “Crypt Free Spins”. When the Crypt Free Spins is activated, the player will receive an additional of 20 spins and triggering this bonus feature will grant more spins.

How exactly will you get the chance to get the free spins? According to the creators of this game, you must get about three or more bonus symbols on the reels. And then, you simply have to choose among the coffins in order to get the extra spins.

You must be wondering how the “Crypt Free Spins Bonus” actually work. In this bonus round, a player is the one responsible for choosing the number of additional spins as a reward. As a player, you need to choose from the many crypt figures with the aim of finding the highest number of free spins, which is about fifty. And, if you are lucky enough to pick the crypt that contains the 50 free spins then you can get the chance to increase the prize that you will get by 50.

Prizes are guaranteed to be very beneficial in an ordinary round as well as in the bonus rounds. In fact, a person can win a sum of money that is 250 times greater than the original amount of money that has been wagered during the start of the game. This may be obtained when a person stumbles upon five of the wild symbols on the Bitten’s reels.

What are you waiting for? Face those gleaming fangs and enter the breathtaking fantasy world of vampires. Who knows, you might even win and enjoy the lifetime of wealth.

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