Fruit Fiesta

Software: Microgaming

You will certainly be tempted once you see the most mouth-watering online video slot game ever created and distributed among Internet-connected casinos. Furthermore, there is a big chance that there would be a 360-degree turn of events once a person plays on this video slot machine and that he or she would suddenly be in the mood for having fun.

You will definitely enjoy playing the Fruit Fiesta slot game because this is the exact place where you will find a kind of party that never stops rolling. With the game’s fruity and thrilling tricks, you will most likely take pleasure in the most appetizing means of winning.

Fruit Fiesta is a popular online video slot machine powered by Microgaming Software Systems Ltd’s program. This has been the pioneer of all progressive-type of video slot game that has been handed out among many online casinos.

Fruit Fiesta was still a three-reel slot machine when it was primarily developed for the gambling industry. However, the makers of this video slot game witnessed its success in the market that is why they created a newer edition of the Fruit Fiesta and this possesses five reels instead of three. In this way, players have two options of winning the progressive jackpot, which is offered by the two different versions of the online slot machine.

No actual differences are actually distinguished in the two versions of the Fruit Fiesta. First of all, the creators of this thriving online video slot machine made sure that there will be no disparities in the maximum amount of money that a player can wager per spin.

Moreover, the three-reel and five-reel types of Fruit Fiesta video slot game accept nickel as the size of the coin that may be utilized. The two online slot machines have fifteen paylines that is why the highest amount of money that a person can put at stake is just about 0.75 US dollars per spin.

A player should always remember that the jackpot prize may be obtained only when he or she plays all the existing paylines of this game. It has been stated as such because, according to the producers of this well-liked online video slot machine, the complete set of all five Fruit Fiesta icons (a winning combination) should appear on the fifteenth payline. A person may win the second to the highest prize, which is about 9000 coins, if the winning combinations emerge on the other lines.

Based on the casino records, the largest amount of money which has been taken home by a Fruit Fiesta player is as high as 157,000 US dollars or so. On the other hand, some of the players can win only the standard jackpot prize with the sum of 15,000 US dollars.

Fruit Fiesta is also comparable to other progressive jackpot-type of online video slot game since it possesses the traditional wild symbol feature. The symbol may be utilized as a replacement for the other icons on the reels. But then, it is also considered to be quite different since it does not have the multiplier effect.
Do not waste time! Try out your luck and break the record of this progressive jackpot game. You’ll never know but you might actually get a bigger amount of money from this luscious online video slot machine. Enjoy the party!

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