Software: Playtech

Are you the type of person who is deeply concerned over your health? Do you enjoy eating all kinds of succulent fruits that you can have? And, are you up for the challenge of winning large sums of money? If your answer to all these questions is “yes” then the FruitMania online video slot machine is the exact game for you!

FruitMania is a traditional type of online video slot machine that is run by the computer program developed by the competent casino software distributor, Playtech. This slot game is created with the usual five reels and five paylines. In addition, this Internet-connected slot machine is one of the progressive jackpot-type of games.

The first thing you will notice in this fun-filled online slot game is its fruit-themed graphics and you will surely love its simple yet exquisite appearance. Moreover, you will enjoy this slot machine because you can win the progressive jackpot merely by spinning those reels and picking just the right fruits.

The online video slot machine Fruit Mania is something that is as trouble-free as the land-based slot machines. You just have to know the basics and these involve the selection of the appropriate paylines and wagering of the suitable amount of money. You can only access the “Spin” button after you have done the two important things that were previously stated.

FruitMania is quite easier to play compared to the other progressive form of online slot machines. In this game, you are capable of triggering all the five paylines and you will discover the significance of every payline as you push the “Bet One” key more and more.

You may also distinguish the similarities of FruitMania with the other online video slot games that thrive in the casino industry today. This is because the said game also features the scatter symbol, which is represented by an image of cocktail glasses.

The scatter symbol is an essential element that can lead a player to a triumphant game. The said feature works in such a way that greater than or equal to three scatter symbols should appear on the reels after a spin. If a group of three or more cocktail glasses emerges then the person would win a certain amount of money. The difference, however, of this attribute is that the paylines are not taken into consideration when looking for the scatter symbols.

This online video slot game has also been found to be more entertaining than the others since it also includes a bonus round. The bonus round may be triggered when a person is able to gather a minimum of three sun icons on the active paylines.

You need to be extra careful while playing the bonus round of this extremely enticing slot game. A player should also be very cautious when picking fruits from every row on the screen of the slot machine. People are given such advices because winning relies on their correct selection of fruits.

If you have read and taken in all the vital components of this game then you are now ready to take on the challenge provided by the FruitMania. Always remember, you need to be very vigilant when playing this exciting slot game since real money is at stake.
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