Ghost Rider

Software: CryptoLogic

Ghost Rider is probably one of the most notable comic books produced by Marvel Comics. In response to its popularity, a movie version was also released in order to indulge the fans of this spectacular action-packed comic.

Ghost Rider, however, is not the most popular of all Marvel Comics’ creations and that some people prefer the other comic books. Still, it does not mean that it cannot be used as a theme for people’s favorite casino game, right? In order to answer to the Ghost Rider enthusiasts’ need for a slot machine, an online video slot machine was produced and distributed among the casinos and this is the Ghost Rider slot game.

Cryptologic has provided a computer program in order to adapt the Ghost Rider comic book into an Internet-connected video slot game. Apart from the flawless interface offered by the software, the company was also able to create an atmosphere that is very much like that of in the movie and comic book of Ghost Rider. This had been established through the slot game’s admirable graphics as well as the eerie background music.

With the purpose of giving a very Ghost Rider-like environment, the creators of this popular video slot game added certain sound effects that would remind the players of this magnificent comic book-based movie. The most striking sound that can be heard while playing this game is the roaring of Harley Davidson and this can be perceived while reels are turning.

In addition to the background sounds, Ghost Rider also presents symbols that correspond to the Ghost Rider theme of the slot game. Some of the images used and placed on the reels are the wheels with fire, weapons of the Ghost Rider, and the well-known spiked leather jacket.

The Ghost Rider slot game is a kind of machine that has five reels and twenty-five paylines. One thing is for sure, this online-based virtual slot machine is identical to the other slots in the casino industry, which feature Marvel Comics characters.
This exciting slot game accepts a coin denomination that is as low as one cent for every payline. On the other hand, the maximum value of coin that can be wagered is only fifty cents. Of course, these values depend on the currency being utilized by a player. One has to remember that the amount of money that he or she can win depends on the value of money wagered on every spin.
Cryptologic’s Ghost Rider gives advantage to the players since they can win as much as three progressive jackpot prizes from this online slot game. Furthermore, the amount of money that can be obtained depends on which jackpot prize has been won by the player.
Ghost Rider slot game is known for the two most common features that involve both the wild and the scatter symbols. The wild symbol, which is characterized by the Ghost Rider icon, functions as a substitute for the other standard symbols excluding the scatter icon.
Conversely, the scatter symbol (main logo of the slot game) emerges dramatically on the reels as a fireball-like skull. The player will win a certain amount of price when greater than or equal to two scatters appear on the reels. However, the positions where the scatter symbols come out are disregarded.

Some people may not be a fan of the Ghost Rider series but this online video slot machine is worth a try. You might just fall in love with this Marvel-based slot game and acquire substantial amount of money afterwards.

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