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When we speak of weapons nowadays, most of us think of bombs, guns and tanks – modern weapons brought upon by the advancement of technology. The evolution of weapons truly had gone a long way, just like the evolution of humans. Just imagine how much the world had changed; that is, from spears to guns. But the change is not as swift as you think for lots and lots of weapons have been developed between the Stone Age and the Polymer Era. Take for example, the creation of swords. Swords are much younger than spears but much older than guns. They evolve, too, taking different shapes, design and purpose but remaining the same form from time to time.

What could be the most famous sword in the world? We all have different answers, of course, depending on our criteria. But I guess the sword Excalibur would be one of the nominees. It is the magical sword of the legendary King Arthur. It is even immortalized nowadays by putting it in the online gaming world. Yes, Net Entertainment had acknowledged the sword’s fame and released an online casino game called “Excalibur”, which gives a taste of the legend’s enchantment. Excalibur is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot game which offers as much as 120,000 coins as the top jackpot prize!

The maximum number of coins per line is one, with bet level ranging from 1 to 4. You can choose how many coins and how much size per spin you are willing to risk. The graphics are colorful and modern, and all are relating to King Arthur – the Golden Chalice, the Golden Sword, the King and Queen, the Wizard, the Lake, the playing cards, etc. The figures are made more attractive by turning them to cartoons. The wild symbol is the Gold Excalibur, which is able to replace any symbol other than the scatter symbol. Getting this symbol on the 3rd reel gives prizes that are 4 times your bet. The scatter symbol is the Golden Chalice. Getting three or more scatter symbol on the reels awards 10 Free Spins. Additional Free Spins can be won during the Free Spins Bonus Round. All gathered Free Spins are summed up together, and all winnings on this feature are 3 times larger than the normal game payout. What an easy way to earn money, isn’t it?

Being aware of the legend and at the same time winning huge amount of prizes is truly satisfying. Not only that you feel the greatness of humanity but also the grandness of material world as well. Now I’m pretty sure that you will definitely agree when someone says that Excalibur is magical. Not only in the stories but in the real world, too; and you know why. And Net Entertainment must be commended for releasing such a game worthy of playing. Sharing the magic that the Excalibur once offered to King Arthur to modern people in the newest way possible in a present place and time – nothing can simply beat that.

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