Encryption Methods for Online Casinos

The most priceless thing in this world has to be information. Despite information being priceless, people can go to greater lengths when searching for it. Due to this fact, online casinos protect their financial data from malicious people.

About encryption
Encryption is a way of protecting data from intruders. A type of encryption that is popular among many businesses is SSL 128 bit which is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer.

About SSL encryption:

  • When a financial transaction is being carried out the two people who are involved use SSL encryption to create a ‘key’

  • Any other person who may interfere with the transaction will not succeed as the don’t have the ‘key’

  • The duration at which the key last is limited to the time that you are on the website after that the key is no longer important.

  • A different key is always created whenever you make a deposit to the online casino.
    About 128 bit encryption

This simply refers to the key’s size. Which means it will be difficult to identify the key using any kind of force. It might be problematic to expound how big 128 bit encryption key is, but some explanation will be given here.

128 bit key has been estimated to have a number of different combinations which range at triple 340 trillion. This is quite a big number as it will have thirty zeros onto it.

So if there is anyone who wants to try and identify the 128 bit key, it will actually take a lifetime for him to discover the right combination of the key.

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