The Games

A gambler has a variety of games that he can choose which to play. The games are grouped into four categories which include card game, dice game, table game and slot game. A brief description of each game category will be given here.

The card game is known to have started in the late 1300’s however the duration. Card games have variations in different countries. The list of cards games available is enormous. There are two types of playing cards which include the traditional type and the game-specific type. There are many cards games but there are three main ones which are baccarat, blackjack and poker.
Some of the cards games are invented while others are modified from the existing options. A player can adjust or modify the existing rules. Before players start a game, they have to agree on the rules that will govern their games. These rules are known as house rules. Fifty two cards make a standard pack that is used in the game.

Findings results have shown that dice were used some 2000 years before Christ. During the ancient times, dices were used for decision making, recreation purposes and also gambling. Like when a dice was used by a roman soldier to determine who would take Jesus’ clothes. Also during Trojan War battles, a dice could be used to cheer the soldiers. Dices differ according to the games.
There is no definite way in which the dices are used but the dices are the most important aspect of any dice game. Some types of dice games include Liar’s dice and Craps dice. Among these dice games crap is very popular in the whole world.

The table games are gambling games which require skills and technique. These games have well designed tables where balls and disks are propelled on. The table games were invented at the same period when the card games were invented. Both games have experienced immense development since then. The types of table games that are available include billiards, darts and roulette. The billiards game has four variations which include American Pool and Snooker.
Gambling games like table games usually have a table and can have a uniform place where both the players and the dealer can sit. The place where the dealer carries out his role is called ‘the pit’. Different gambling games are played with different equipment.

The slot games involve gambling using slot machine. In 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, a slot machine that led to the development of the modern slot machine was developed. This machine was known as Sittman and Pitt’s machine. Another simpler slot machine was invented by Charles Fay from Francisco in the year 1887. In 1964 a slot machine called the ‘Money Honey’ was developed and this machine was electromechanical.
Nowadays, the slot games usually involve use of coins. The player is supposed to pull a lever which activates the reels. After spinning stops, the player looks at the symbols on the reels to know whether he has won or lost. A progressive jackpot involves linking a line of machines thus creating a big jackpot prize.

Poker card games provide the basis for most of today’s slot games. The slot machine contains various cards, after spinning the combination of the cards will determine whether it is a win or loss. The winning is decided by the rules which have been set by the poker. This is the reason why slot games are known as ‘poker machines’ especially in Australia.

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