Easy Gambling Math

Tipping the Odds with Mental Math

Mathematics has helped in carrying out various activities like designing and engineering bridges. The amazing fact about mathematics is that it can actually help you win huge sums of money when gambling. Mathematics will not only help you in winning a lot of money, but it will also help to keep you at the top of gambling games by improving your skills.

The first way that mathematics is going to help you is by computing your odds. This will help you to plan on each move you make. You will be able to determine when you can add some more cash, the amount of money you will gamble with and when to make a good move. When you plan on all this, it will take your game to a lever higher than the rest.

Calculating the Expected Value of Your Winnings

Can you imagine that with simple math, you can be able to know how much you will lose and how much to gain? I am sure that if you are a gambler, you will be very anxious to know how this can happen. It is a very simple formula that you will never fail to use when gambling. This formula will actually make you have memories of your high school math class.
Here is the formula

Your estimated number of bets
X Duration the game takes
X the rate at which the game is played (hourly)
X house edge
All this will be equal to the number of expected wins or losses.

A sample calculation of this formula is as follows:
If you played a gambling game where your bet is $10, and you take duration of sixty minutes to play, if you make 80 decisions per hour at a disadvantage of 0.005%, the number of expected wins or losses will amount to $4.
Therefore, ($10x80X0.05) =$4

You can use the formula in any other game but you must always remember that human is to err.

Fortune or Misfortune

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This is a proverb which applies even when using the formula.
As gambling involves having strategic and skillful moves, you can be assured that even your simple mathematics may fail to help you at your time of need. Gambling is a risk taken and you can end up losing it all or end up a millionaire.
This rule that was started before is an actual fact and you should have an idea of how to use it the best way possible so that you can emerge a winner.

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