Olden and History

Gambling millennia

The archaeological evidence and history do all have evidence that gambling was existent in early cultures. It was a widespread practice among people of different backgrounds. Some of the places which are associated with gambling as a common practice in over millennia ago include China, India, Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Evidence found to match this claim includes a set of ivory dice found in Thebes dating back to 1500 BC. There is also some writing in a Pyramid in Giza that mentions some information appertaining to gambling.

The cards game

Card game originated from China. It was born from the practice of Chinese shuffling of both paper money and money made of paper. This money had no human figure unlike the ones in use at the moment. However, money was made with intricate designs similar to the ones used in Muslim carpets. Mameluke Empire was behind spreading of the cards game in Europe and other Mediterranean regions. In Spain and Italy, the cards got ranked in respect to the royal privilege and court official. It was in 1500 when the French substituted one of the male characters with a Queen. This `French pack’ is the currently used having 52 pack of cards.

Real wagering

Real bets started with a dispute between King Olaf from Sweden and the other Olaf of Norway. They were in dispute over the district of Hising. Since both of them were claiming to be owners of this region, they agreed to roll a dice that will settle the dispute.
The outcomes of the kings were a tie of 6 in both of their outcomes. They rolled again and the king of Norway won by rolling a 13. He was given the District and there was no conflict that arose.

The middle Ages

In the 16th century, gambling was a heavily practiced leisure activities. There is undisputed evidence that has been shown from the records of King Henry from England and Ireland. King Henry VIII was a fan of gambling but he later banned it in his empire when he realized that most of his soldiers were spending time gambling instead of practicing combating skills. In these middle ages, a lot of games were invented and became popular. Examples of those games include baccarat and blackjack.

Roulette is 3 centuries old

Roulette is a small wheel that was invented by a mathematician from France called Blaise Pascal. This was in 17th century. There is dispute that the Chinese were behind invention of this wheel and then had it spread to Europe by the Dominican Monk.

Roulette was initially not a well known game until The Prince of Monaco, Charles, used it to find solutions regarding financial problems in his state. This was towards the end of 18th century. In 1842, Lois and Francois Blanc did some modification to the game by adding a zero. There are three main versions of roulette: American, French and British Roulette.

Craps and the Current Gambling

There was a game called `hazards’ in the British Empire. It was played by high class and rich citizens of the empire in their private gaming places. This game later spread to France where it became popular to the rich people; who changed its name into `crabs’. Crabs later evolved to `craps’ which is still the game that is currently on use at the moment. The European immigrants took a simplified version of this game to America.

After independence of America in 1776, the American Government was using gambling as a way of collecting large sums of money for its development purposes. Gambling became an addictive and widespread activity in America such that it was banned in Nevada between 1850 and 1910. Large sums of money were coming from gambling.

In 1931, there were some amendments that were done on the gaming industry. Re-sanctioning of gambling led to the establishment of Las Vegas casinos.

Online gaming age

Internet was a communication means that was developed between 1957 and 1973. After internet was invented, it was intended for use as data base and transfer communication mode in universities. After some time, it was noted that it could have potential as a business marketing tool.

In 1970s, the first online game was introduced in the market. It was called `Advent’. `Dungeons’ was the next online game that followed. Later on, the computers and internet technology application became common household appliances. This gave interactive online gambling base to reach a wide customer base. Several enthusiasts were involved in development of online gaming for a number of years. Finally, in 1990 the first online gaming site was established.

Online gambling was faced by limitation of licensing zones since most of the places had gambling as an illegal activity. In 1994, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda enacted the Free Trade and Processing Act. This act provided for the regulations of licensing of casinos and operation of casinos in their country. These jurisdictions are still some of the most popular regions that online casinos are established.

A popular company by the name Microgaming was established in 1994. `If you build it, we will come’ is the motto of this company. It is an online software developer that has gained popularity in the market. The payment issue hindered instant online real bets. Luckily, Crypologic software invented by Andrew and Mark Rivkin made it possible to transact online processes safely. These inventions led to development of Intercasino which as the first online casino to be established in 4th August, 1994. This casino had a set of 18 games. Besides, you could access The National Indian Lottery. The first online real bet was recorded in 1996.

There was another online casino that was among the first to be established. This was the Cassava Enterprises owned by; Aaron Shaked, Avi and Shai Yitzchak. The three are Israelites and brothers. Cassava has established a lot of other affiliate online casinos like 888.
Another investor in online casino is SBET. This sportsbook was presented in 1996. The casino had tremendous growth as a result of large traffic streaming into the website. The huge success was associated by the ability of placing bets by mere use of a phone call. There was a toll free line in Antigua supported by satellite. It was after some time that the manager of e-gaming software Company found an online interactive casino in West Indies. The casino was called AB. 1997 had online gambling reaching its peak. There were a lot of people who were involved in playing. The industry had a total earning of above a billion dollars. 60% of the revenue was from US only.
As a result of more people getting into online gaming, there were a lot of legal authorities that were against betting in US. It was also during this period that a lot of developments took place in the industry. Examples of the most popular developments that took place include the introduction of the first progressive jackpot slot machine. The Microgaming industry too introduced `The Cash Splash’ in 1998.

In addition, online gambling spread to other parts of the world. Australia was among the first places that casinos began in this time. Its first casino was called `Lasseters’. Governments in both Asia and Europe markets established their casinos around this time. An example of gambling site that was started around this time was International Lottery that is managed by Liechtenstein government.


In year 200, the UK sovereign territories: Isle of Man and Gibraltar started offering licenses for sports betting. The British Channel Islands started offering legislation for online gambling. There was already a wide customer base ranging from Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Australia and Europe. With clients from all these regions, online gambling had reached its development peak both locally and in international market.

With computers and internet becoming basic home appliances, they are making gambling more accessible. Gamers are capable to participate in online gaming easily with just a click. Computers have made online gambling a suitable anesthesia activity.

Despite 1997 having been a year of gambling development, there are a lot of places where online betting was prohibited. In Australia, The Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act forbade gambling sites in their jurisdiction. Bob Goodlatte suggested that gambling should be eliminated in the US. However, the attempts by this activist to have gambling eliminated in US failed. Online gambling is still being practiced but there are some measures that are being taken to ensure controlled online gaming. Some of these measures include banning some payment methods and credit cards. There are also plans underway over the next few years that will regulate the websites that you can use your credit card in.

However, this industry has been in development as from 2003. e-Commerce & Online Gambling Regulation and Insurance (eCOGRA) was founded. This organization was meant to raise the quality of services offered by online gaming industry. Besides, Playtech has introduced live gaming which is a streamed game with dealers who seems to be dealing with clients live. Poker is a respected online gaming since Chris Moneymaker made above $2.5 million in WSOP by just practicing in online gaming.
In 2004, online gaming started to be televised with winners becoming celebrities. Different casinos started increasing jackpots to increase the number of clients received. Microgaming is offering a jackpot worth$160,000,000. There is another software by Playtech established in 2005, `NG’, has formed another gaming platform that features multiple gaming play. In this year too, Party gaming reached the London Stock Exchange.

Future expectations

With Bush having signed a bill that allowed gambling prohibition in US in 2006, online gaming has suffered a setback in the American industry. However, USA is still a viable gambling market. There are numerous land and online casinos that have been established. Gaming experience is also becoming better as the casinos are providing user-friendly, good graphics and multi-players and many more. The odds are also undisputed. The whole of this industry is estimated to be worth US100 billion in the world.

Online gambling is expected to be on the rise over time. If gamers maintain responsible gaming, this industry is on fast track development. Gambling using your phone is currently the latest development made. Whichever place you are, it is possible to participate in online gambling as long as you have your computer or cell phone.

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