Myths, Superstitions and Luck Associated With Casinos

Casino’s myths

Everyone loves casino myths. These myths are mostly found in gambling centers which include Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Macau. There was one myth which was made popular by the writer Mario Puzo in a book titled ‘fools die’. This myth involved a trick that casinos used in order to make more money. The myth was about the way casinos would keep the patrons awake by pumping oxygen.

To any person who can reason, this myth might not have a single truth in it. However, a casino can try and see whether it is effective. There is another myth which suggests that if a number appear on the slot, it will not appear again. Any student can confirm the truth behind this myth. The probability of a number occurring is one time in every 35 chances and the probability of it not occurring is still the same.

Casino’s superstitions

Roulette players are known for trying to use the tactic known as sleeping number. The players bear in mind that if a number has not received the silver ball, then the next time it has high chances of being the recipient. On each spin, they keep the record of the number and when one number is left, they claim it has high winning chances. Actually, the probability of losing or wining is the same.

There are very many superstitions in the casinos and some gamblers actually believe them. May be one way that the casino would improve their business is by offering lucky charms to their patrons.

Casino’s luck

When people are gambling, you may hear them saying that it is not their lucky time. Gambling requires use of psychology. This is because a gambler who thinks that this may be their lucky night will make better bets and decision that the gambler who thinks that this is not their lucky night.

Maybe gambling can be affected by Lady Luck herself and human nature.

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